Evaluate GAI vs Synaptic for Dapper

Matt Kirchhoff mek at somnonym.org
Wed Nov 2 17:25:50 UTC 2005

Quoth Corey Burger on 11/2/2005 6:57 AM:
> -However, synaptic will still be on the system, and it can be launched
> from g-a-i.

Do you know any details about the implementation? Will there be an
"Advanced" button of sorts that launches Synaptic?

If the devs are trying to shift the focus to GAI, then we should orient
the docs accordingly. That being said, we could more explicitly state
something like

"If you'd like to use a more advanced tool such as Synaptic or
apt-get/aptitude, please refer to Section X for more information. Each
section lists the specific packages that need to be installed, if you
choose to use these alternative methods"

While I agree with Daniel that most users could care less about the CLI,
we should at least include a section describing its use. After all,
there are some users unfamiliar with the CLI who would like to learn how
to use it to become more efficient, and we should certainly help them.
But giving instructions on all three install tools for each package
would be overkill. I think directions for installing with GAI plus a
list of packages and a pointer to the Synaptic/CLI reference would be a
decent middle ground.

Matt Kirchhoff

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