Please read Inclusion of Doc spec

Corey Burger corey.burger at
Wed Nov 2 15:59:57 UTC 2005

> >
> > But in any case, this is not really docteam spec-issue but a distro
> > team issue: our latest docs are always in the repo, and in theory
> > should always be ready to install on moments notice; unless there is a
> > syntax error in them, which shouldn't be the case if tested before a
> > commit; and even then, should be solved before the next twice-weekly
> > update.
> Only thing I'd say about this, is that if we are gonna start uploading
> stuff soon, the question of reorganisation of the repo and the possible
> switch to gnome-doc-utils for the ubuntu part becomes (even more)
> important. There will be a fair amount of initial work required to fix
> the packages after the layout reorganisation (in fact there already is).]]

I don't anticipate we can start uploading right away, just that we
need to have the infrastructure already in place for when we are

> Shame if jbailey can't help, because he is really familiar with
> everything and is keen on investigating things like integration of
> translations with language-packs.
> What caused the move away from him to Daniel?
Jbailey is now doing support full time and not doing distro work.
However, he did say he would help us. Andrew Mitchell also indicated
that he would be able help us as well.

Daniel happened to be at the meeting becasue for some reason he was the drafter.


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