rebuilding from .pot files

Nick Loeve ubuntu at
Wed Mar 30 21:58:40 UTC 2005

Sean Wheller wrote:
> On Wednesday 30 March 2005 14:30, Nick Loeve wrote:
>>xml2po segfaults for me when i try to use it.
>>May we can try msgmerge?
> Hold I have written to the developer so find out more.

The seg fault seems to be a problem with the libxml2 bindings and using 
the DTD. On line 571 of the xml2po file, you can turn off the flag to 
expand entities using the DTD.

This stops the seg fault, but we get errors when generating a .pot file 
because the xml entity references don't 'normalize'.

The segfault i get everytime is marked in the source, so the developer 
knows about it, mayeb we can help him patch it up.

trickie (Nick Loeve)

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