Upgrade notes Warty -> Hoary: some important things are missing

Mario Vukelic mario.vukelic at dantian.org
Mon Mar 28 10:06:44 UTC 2005


having upgraded a friend's PC from Warty to Hoary yesterday, I found
that some things are missing from the upgrade notes (menu System -> Help
-> Hoary Release Notes -> Upgrade Notes). Also the info there is
slightly different from what is currently at

Stuff I found out:

*** UTF-8 conversion:
menu System -> Help -> Hoary Release Notes -> What's new says:
"Ubuntu 5.04 uses UTF-8 as the default encoding and locale, and includes
migration compatibilities for upgrades"

This left me slightly confused because it made me wonder whether I have
to _do anything trigger the conversion. The Upgrade Notes said nothing
about it, but as they are not complete, I still am not sure.

Suggestion: if the user has to do anything, note it in What's New and
link to Upgrade Notes. Add instructions there.
If however the migration is automatic, note it in What's New (e.g.,
"Ubuntu 5.04 uses UTF-8 as the default encoding and locale. If you
upgrade from Ubuntu 4.10 ("Warty"), the conversion is done for you

*** sudo permission configurable from System -> Administration -> Users
and Groups -> <user> -> Properties -> User privileges

In fresh Hoary installs it is possible to give any user sudo rights
through the GUI. 

On upgrades from Warty, enabling this needs manual user intervention: 
/etc/sudoers has to be changed from the Warty version of "<username>
ALL=(ALL) ALL" to the Hoary version of "%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL".

In addition, a group "admin" has to be created (this seems not to exist
in Warty, at least this was my experience). The gid of this group should
preferably be < 1000 (Debian policy for system groups).

Users that need sudo rights need to be added to this new group. For the
first user, this has to be done by editing the sudoers file. Additional
users can then be added by the first users from the Users and Groups

Caution has to be applied:  Before saving sudoers, it has to be made
sure that at least one user is already in the admin group. If admin is
empty, suddenly no user has sudo rights. If the root user is disabled,
there is then no way to add anybody to group admin - one must reboot
into single user mode and long in as root to add users to admin.

*** CD symlink creation by udev
Fresh Hoary installs have this in /etc/udev/rules.d:

mario at phonic: /etc/udev $ ls -l rules.d/
total 0
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 19 2005-03-23 17:46 cd-aliases.rules
-> ../cd-aliases.rules
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 13 2004-08-07 20:13 udev.rules -> ../udev.rules

When upgrading from Warty, the symlink for cd-aliases.rules has to be
manually created:

cd /etc/udev/rules.d; ln -s ../cd-aliases.rules;

Also see https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=7789#c3 There, Jeff
Bailey says that the note about this is "already in the Release Notes".
However, it isn't :)

That's it as far as I know. Is the info I gave correct? Shall I add it
to the wiki?

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