Fixing images in release-notes

Sean Wheller sean at
Thu Mar 17 12:07:30 UTC 2005

On Thursday 17 March 2005 09:35, Nick Loeve wrote:
> Hey Enrico (and others),
> To make images viewable while editing the release notes, and in the
> released package, is this possible?
> > 2. Move Release Notes to their own folder and update the image paths.
> > Enrico will have to update the packaging stuff. this way images will be
> > visible while editing and in the package.
> I can update the documents Enrico, i just wanted to know if package
> changes are doable at this point in time.

Hello Nick,

I think you should go ahead with changes. Namely,
1. Create Folder releasenotes/
2. svn move release-notes.xml into releasenotes/
3. Update all image references to be ../images/foo.png

I will update the Makefile and take a look at the Debian packaging. Although I 
don't know that much about it, I can figure out how Enrico did it.

Waiting for your bit before I begin.

Sean Wheller
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