[idea] round tripping

Sean Wheller sean at inwords.co.za
Tue Mar 15 06:46:06 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 15 March 2005 08:34, Corey Burger wrote:
> Thoughts:
> 1. Really nice idea. Driving a website with docbook and being editible
> really lowers the barrier, IMHO.
> 2. PHP - bad. Ubuntu has pretty much standardised on Python, for good
> or ill. Look at the time it took to get SVN used, instead of arch/baz.
> General thoughts,
> I was thinking about the general state of having 2 primary sources
> currently (wiki and docbook) and how to cut that down to one, which is
> advantageous for all.
> However, there are no drag and drop solutions for this. Very unfortunate.

Trying to find the happy medium for all here. 

I really, don't care what technology or system is used, so long as it will 
round trip. As I see it, it is much easier to take the current system and 
continue development than to rewrite it in python. Of course if some of the 
devs have time on their hands ... 

A general note about religion, it is counter productive to innovation. Just 
like software patents. :-)
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