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Nick Loeve ubuntu at
Sun Mar 13 23:28:34 UTC 2005

Hi Mary, All

Mary Gardiner wrote:
> I'm unclear on whether you propose to use this for:
>  - all docteam decisions


>  - docteam decisions where there are two or three incompatible positions

Maybe, it is a good technique to gather the majority consensus

>    each with their own defenders
>  - major decisions only
>  - formal binding decisions

definately not

>  - an informal "show of hands" to help a discussion along.

I think so

Mary, this came about because the system was effective during Sat's doc 
team meeting. (and it is used by other teams frequently too).

A point of dicussion was discussed, and when one participant had made up 
their mind on the point then they could use this system to specifiy how 
they felt about the point.

It was also so that people could tell when the discussion of a point had 
run it's course, so that we didn't have to keep going 'Stop!. Now what 
do you all think about blah' etc etc, and going over it again.

I like the system, but if you feel like talking or discussing instead, 
the go right ahead!! I don't think it is binding :)

trickie (Nick Loeve)

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