two issues with quickguide

Jeff Schering jeffschering at
Fri Mar 11 03:53:32 UTC 2005

On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 17:47:59 -0800, Corey Burger <corey.burger at> wrote:
> The latest edit crashes mine too. That would be me.
> The 2nd is also me. I will fix it.
> Corey
Awesome. I will have a few hours free on Friday. I'll go over the
whole quick guide (text only, not structure) for a double check. I
want to be confident that nothing else has crept in.

Corey, if you run into troubles tracking down the source of the
resource consumption problem, let me know and I will try to help as
much as I can. I suspect it is a structural issue with the xml markup.
I have read on the sun java site (I forget exactly where - IRC, it was
on one of the xalan pages) that xml processing programs consume large
amounts of memory when dealing with xrefs. I hope that bit of info
aides your search for the fix, if you haven't found it already.


P.S. for my own purposes, I developed a procedure for checking things
before committing them. The procedure is a bit tedious and seems like
overkill, but it has already saved me once from making a bad commit.
It was only in my head until now, I have just written it down now. I
will find a place on the wiki to put it, hopefully later on tonight.
(a guy's gotta eat! :-) I include it below:

In the procedure below I make the following assumptions:
 * ubuntu-doc is your top level document directory
 * the document you have changed is the Ubuntu QuickGuide

1. Change to the ubuntu-doc directory.
2. Validate the file.
     ./ quickguide/quickguide.xml 
3. Open the file in yelp and visually double check your work.
     yelp quickguide/quickguide.xml 
4. Build the html version of the file.
     make qg 
5. Visually check the html file in your favourite browser.
     file location: ubuntu-doc/build/quickguide/quickguide.xml 
6. If everything is fine, commit your changes.

Any suggestions or errors, let me know. Once I have found a place for
it, I'll let the list know where it is.

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