Meeting on Sat UTC

Nick Loeve ubuntu at
Fri Mar 11 01:11:51 UTC 2005

Enrico Zini wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 11, 2005 at 11:52:47AM +1100, Nick Loeve wrote:
>>Is the meeting on Sat going to finilise where the doc team is going to 
>>go in regards to infrastructure and tool chain?
>>I do not want to just quit, especially with all the stuff needing to be 
>>finalised for Hoary, but i think that if people are just going to 
>>'change' the way the doc team works without a good period of discussion 
>>and debate then i am afraid i am wasting my time.
> We can surely discuss that at the meeting, but I think we've reached
> quite a strong consensus already, on keeping everything as it is because
> it works damn fine.

Ok cool. I have only seen what has been happening this list (not IRC), 
so i gathered that:
- Corey wanted to change everything
- Sean got fed up with this and then quit, then
- Corey has started implementing the changes
- The doc team infrastructure is in for a radical change

If i am wrong about this, the i too would love to know what is going on???

 From some of Corey's posts i gathered he had talked to you about his 
plans and they were going ahead??

Also Enrico, did you get my reply about the .pot files? It doesn't seem 
to be coming through the list.

trickie (Nick Loeve)

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