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Sean Wheller sean at
Thu Mar 10 10:40:19 UTC 2005

On Thursday 10 March 2005 08:31, Nick Loeve wrote:
> Corey Burger wrote:
> > I had a thought about the word applications. The word programs, IMHO,
> > is clearer for the target audience. Applications is more a
> > power-user/developer term. Thoughts?
> >
> > Corey
> I don't really see a problem there, as long as we are consistent.
> If we aren't consistent at the moment, then we should change to one or
> the other.

Generally the distinction between the term "program" and "application" is a 
historical one. Today the term "program" is used for DOS or SHELL. The term 
application is used for "GUI."

+1 to change it, if the software discussed is GUI, to "application."

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