Quick Guide: Desktop-Menu or System-menu?

Ari Torhamo ari.torhamo at saunalahti.fi
Tue Mar 8 13:07:36 UTC 2005

ma, 2005-03-07 kello 18:32 +0200, Sean Wheller kirjoitti: 
> On Monday 07 March 2005 16:31, Ari Torhamo wrote:
> > Here is a list of all occurrences of the word "desktop-menu" in Quick
> > Guide (r678). Could you have a look at them and tell if it's okay to
> > change them to "system-menu". If you give me a go-ahead, I can make a
> > patch which does the changes and send the patch to you.
> This is historical. Warty the System menu was called the Desktop Menu. Now 
> with the change we still have desktop for the entities. You can change them 
> in quick guide if you wish. You will also have to change the declarations of 
> the menus xml instances in libs/global.ent 

Are you sure that any changes are needed in ./libs/global.ent? There
indeed are references to (declarations of?) xml-files in ./common/menus,
but I don't see a declaration for desktop-menu there, nor such xml-file
in ./common/menus. There were references to desktop-menu in the content
of some of those xml-files, which I changed, but I guess that doesn't
give a reason to change any of the menu declarations. 

I don't really even understand the purpose of declaring menus, because
some of the menus are not declared at all, like the Places menu,
although they are present in the Quick Guide. Well, it's propably just
me - this whole DocBook-thing is soooo complicated. 

> and then change any usage of the 
> word Desktop in the XML instances themselves (see common/menus/.

I have made these changes to my own copy of the Quick Guide now as well
as the changes to the quickguide.xml. I'm ready to make a patch as soon as the declaration issue is solved

>  Do all such 
> changes in one patch. To make the patch make trunk/ your pwd, then svn diff > 
> foo.txt
> Try to keep the patch to only the changes you made in those areas:
> 1. quickguide.xml
> 2. global.ent
> 3. common/menus/*.xml
> If you are not sure just ask.

OK :) To be sure: I may put changes to 1, 2 and 3 into one patch, but
should put nothing else there? And should I send possible future
patches to the list? I remember someone saying that it's not necessary
to send them to everyone on the list.

> BTW it is a good idea to have our discussions on list

True :)


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