Release notes item on suspend to RAM

Nick Loeve ubuntu at
Tue Mar 8 03:19:03 UTC 2005

Matthew Garrett wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-03-08 at 14:00 +1100, Nick Loeve wrote:
>>I thought about that, but i am not sure that the release notes is the 
>>right place to go into specifics. If they want to know specific about a 
>>new feature/functionality they should look for the appropriate 
>>documentation or ask the users list.
> In that case, the notes should point at documentation describing how to
> enable it. Claiming that a feature is greatly improved without noting
> that it's disabled by default is likely to confuse people a great deal.

I have patched in SVN to say that the feature maybe disabled by default 
depending on architecture. The release notes do not direct to 
documentation (as much of it for Hoary is on the wiki and could 
change/move), but this could definately be something in the quickguide!

I know that i was happy when i got laptop suspend working on my ibook!

trickie (Nick Loeve)

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