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Matthew Thomas mpt at
Sat Mar 5 21:48:52 UTC 2005

On 4 Mar, 2005, at 10:06 AM, Corey Burger wrote:
> ...
> I content that we should to the wiki as the primary source for all  
> documents.

That's good, as long as you're using it just as a source for text, not  
expecting the layout to be automatic.

Look, for example, at these documents from the vendors of other  
well-known operating systems:
*   <>
*   <>

None of them are particularly complicated, but you couldn't get  
documents like those from an automatic wiki->PDF conversion.

> ...
> 1. We need to choose a ship format. I say either PDF[1] or HTML
> 2. A good converter from HTML --> PDF
> 3. The wiki needs some major work on the backend
> -Remove parenting
> -Standardize on one markup (I propose the Wikipedia one, as it is
> fairly easy and becoming a standard)
> ...

In MediaWiki (the Wikipedia software), at least, you can insert raw  
HTML containing style= attributes. But there are some aspects of CSS  
that style attributes can't feasibly control. And even something as  
simple as headers and footers on each page of a PDF wouldn't be  
practical unless you have HTML-to-PDF software that implements CSS3  
Paged Media. Do you?

Matthew Thomas

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