A couple of fresh screenshots for Quick Guide (with comments)

Sean Wheller sean at inwords.co.za
Fri Mar 4 19:07:09 UTC 2005

On Friday 04 March 2005 08:14, Ari Torhamo wrote:
> I took a couple of fresh screen captures for the Quick Guide where it
> seemd like a good idea. I put some comments here about them along with
> some other remarks on the Quick Guide. I took the captures with
> imagemagick the way it's told in the TakingScreenshots wiki page. Again,
> feel free to ingnore any of the screen captures and the remarks.
> If you have any comments about my work here - positive or negative - I'd
> be glad to here it. I'm not used to this kind of work at all and would
> like to learn were I could improve (and perhaps were I'm doing right -
> to know not to change it :)
> I didn't go through the whole Quick Guide yet. If it doesn't seem like a
> waste of time for you, I'll have a look at the rest too.

Hello Ari,

Sorry for the late response and thanks for the screen shots.

I have used the new update manager and firefox images. The GIMP one is 
actually a GIMP image editing window and not The GIMP itself.

Please do continue to check the Quick Guide and submit patches as required. 
btw I added you as an author.

Thanks for the work.
Sean Wheller
Technical Author
sean at inwords.co.za
Registered Linux User #375355
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