can i contribute to the doc team?

chetan loke chetanloke at
Wed Mar 2 13:46:04 UTC 2005

I've been using redhat ..always wanted to use
debian....thnks to ubuntu...i use linux
inside VMware on a windows :( host a newbie in
terms of kernel hacking...but i want to contribute in
whatever way i can to the documentation team...with
some help from you guys i can take care of the
vmware-section ...i dont mind building and trashing
virtual machines for contributing here.i've been able
to install unbuntu inside vmware on toshiba satellite
without any hastles...i want more and more ppl to
consider linux as a desktop option...and i think using
it inside a virtual machine will help them in getting
started with CLI , other tools etc not a vmware
supporter but i use it since they support linux...
i can write a small-howto for vmware beginners so that
they dont've to do the RFTM  thingie....and they can
find everything abt unbuntu-vmware in one
manual...over  here @ unbuntu ....lemme know.



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