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Wed Mar 2 11:21:52 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 02 March 2005 11:31, squareyes wrote:
> Will modify it for hoary when it's released, don't have access to it,
> have a dialup connection, updating to hoary is not an option. How much
> different will hoary be for the very new user?
>  Have some extras to add in a couple of days, simple things like file
> extensions, difference between jpg, gif png etc. What types to email
> with regard to file size, and files that other people's computers will
> open.


I'm watching this thread and thinking, "This document is a good start to a 
User Guide."

Since we are so close to Hoary release and this document was created on Warty, 
I think we should target this type of document for Grumpy. I believe the User 
Guide will be one of the projects to complete for Grumpy. While the efforts 
on this document are much appreciated, and I can see much work has gone into 
it, I would like to suggest that such effort be focused on the User Guide in 
SVN. I think it would be better to have everyone focused on developing one 
document instead of everyone developing their own document in Wiki or on some 
external resource.

People thoughts?

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