matthew.east.ubuntu at matthew.east.ubuntu at
Sat Jun 25 19:13:13 UTC 2005

Daniel Robitaille writes: 

> Fair enough.  but at one point you have have to move on if you don't get 
> any traction in a fight.    I suspect the technical people managing the 
> wiki don't want to have another wiki transition so soon after the one we 
> just did.  That will be a major factor in deciding to listen to your 
> arguments or not for Mediawiki.


I looked at those bugs, and they are either upstream bugs, which you can 
report to the Moin developers, or as Daniel says, simply part of the bug "we 
should be using mediawiki". 

I don't think personally that they are big deals, but even if they were, its 
my view that the new wiki is such a massive improvement from the old one in 
terms of speed and editability, that such nitpicking details are not 
important. as Daniel says, there is a time to move on and put up with the 
fact that one can't have one's own way in everything: we have a perfectly 
good wiki, which we can work with. 

Lots of people have put in a lot of work to get the new wiki working, and 
although i appreciate that its not exactly as you'd like, I still think its 
worth appreciating that fact and enjoying the advantages that the new wiki 
has brought! 


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