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Fri Jun 24 10:14:18 UTC 2005


I have enabled functionality to use glossterm elements in the system.

I have used
As a build dependancy as a docbook glossary database.

A use case can be found in generic/instal-guide/C/installation-guide.xml

When a document has a glossary section at the end, that looks like this 

<glossary role="auto">
                <para>Now you see me, next you won't.</para>

At time of transforming the document all glossterms will result in a glossary 
term and definition being added to the glossary section.
The following is an example of how it is marked in the text.

<para>Assuming a network adapter is found, the installation system tests for 
network connectivity and if connected broadcasts to the network for a 
<glossterm linkend="D-d0e6764">DHCP</glossterm> server and waits for a 

Questions welcome.

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