New wiki bugs

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Wed Jun 15 20:13:34 UTC 2005

Philip Cain wrote:

> I have a few suggestions for the new wiki (which is, btw, much
> appreciated, especially the speed). I know it is still a work in
> progress, so this is just precautionary in case these things get
> looked over.
> * The hover color for links in the footer is the same as the footer
> background (invisible links!)

Heh. Thanks.

> * For the recently viewed page header, maybe don't use >> as the
> separator (it makes it look like a heirarchal or category structure,
> like the old wiki - very confusing when they appear to "jump" around).
> Or maybe just have an indicator revealing that they are recently
> viewed pages.

I'm actually not so fond of the whole page trails feature. I think it
clutters the page needlessly. You can turn it off in user prefs, but I
plan to turn off the default too.

> * The page titles imported from the old wiki were imported as page
> titles AND as headers in the content. Makes for a lot of redundant
> info (e.g., title is displayed twice when page is viewed, not
> including the browser window title). Can the titles in the content be
> stripped out? Otherwise, we'll have to do it by hand on each page.

Good point. Not quite sure why that happened. I guess that title must
have appeared in the original raw copy of the zwiki moin pages. We
probably could have made the script strip them out if we had realised,
but I'm afraid we're stuck with it now. I'm not sure is worthwhile (or
wise) to write a script now to strip out these headings automatically.
Btw. did this happen for absolutely all pages, or just some?

We wrote this script basically from scratch (mostly SteveA) to do this
job. In doing so we have now discovered several things that could be
done better, including transferring images, and now this. So that's been
valuable experience. We will now share the script with the Moin
community, who have also been a great help in preparing this move, and
we'll pass on these lessons as well.

Thanks for the feedback :)

- Henrik

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