New wiki bugs

Philip Cain philipacamaniac at
Wed Jun 15 19:56:18 UTC 2005

I have a few suggestions for the new wiki (which is, btw, much appreciated, 
especially the speed). I know it is still a work in progress, so this is 
just precautionary in case these things get looked over.

* The hover color for links in the footer is the same as the footer 
background (invisible links!)

* For the recently viewed page header, maybe don't use >> as the separator 
(it makes it look like a heirarchal or category structure, like the old wiki 
- very confusing when they appear to "jump" around). Or maybe just have an 
indicator revealing that they are recently viewed pages.

* The page titles imported from the old wiki were imported as page titles 
AND as headers in the content. Makes for a lot of redundant info (e.g., 
title is displayed twice when page is viewed, not including the browser 
window title). Can the titles in the content be stripped out? Otherwise, 
we'll have to do it by hand on each page.

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