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Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at ubuntu.com
Fri Jun 3 19:08:22 UTC 2005

<quote who="Sean Wheller">

> On Friday 03 June 2005 20:28, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > <quote who="Sean Wheller">
> >
> > > > We can use CSS in Yelp.
> > >
> > > Why not?
> >
> > You should probably re-parse that.
> Jeff come on, you know very well that HTML + CSS is a good solution and
> people do want it.

I said "We can use CSS in Yelp", you said, "Why not?" -> there seems to be a
disconnect there.

> > Sean, you are a docbook geek. You live and breathe it. You see great
> > import in issues that do not necessarily matter to the most common use
> > cases. The same can be said of the first round of distributed version
> > control hackers (cf. tla).
> What you now ask is for us go go backward in capabilities.

Not at all. That's precisely what we have right now, and it's sufficient to
provide a good user experience with existing documentation.

> I can get a heck of a lot more done than what we can get done with Yelp.
> Now why should we give up the ability to do so just because yelp does not
> support it. Earlier you asked me to rationalize the requirements, well I
> think I may just have done this in the above. If I was to listthem point
> for point they would all culminate in the above answer.

But your answer doesn't actually state anything.

- Jeff

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