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Sat Feb 19 14:30:22 UTC 2005

On Saturday 19 February 2005 13:26, you wrote:
> Sean Wheller wrote:
> > Hey Trickie, those release notes are looking good. Do say if you need
> > anything.
> Thanks Sean, we are getting through a bit for a small open source doc
> team!,

With small team of contributors each doing a small bit it quickly becomes a 
big bit. That's the power of Open Source.

> Enrico said we were hoping for docs to be finalised by the 21st, so i am
> trying get it done (when i get a chance!).

Yes, time is killing me too. I have a million and one things pressing. Oh 
well, we will all do what we can.

> Once i put in the upgrade notes i might post link of a build of them to
> the development list, so they can check it out and add items and
> contributers etc...
> I haven't been following the status reporting processes or build
> processes, but is there a temporary build of the docs somewhere that
> people can check out (HTTP)? If not i can build the release notes and
> put them on my web space... just in case noone wants to check out the
> docbook src to have a read...

All projects are automatically built and uploaded to

I am not sure as to the frequency of this. Enrico did say, but I forgot.

Enrico perhaps we can put a note on the above page to say that the previews 
are updates at X frequency.

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