Still Looking for capt of Floppy Formatter

Sean Wheller sean at
Sat Feb 19 19:01:56 UTC 2005

Hey dudes,

We are still looking for a screen capture of the "Floppy Formatter." I don't 
have a FDD on this machine so can't do it myself. Can somebody do it and 
patch this section with the image file name? OH, and uncomment the 

Here is the section
<sect2 id="qg-floppy-formatter" status="review">
                <title>Floppy Formatter</title>
                            <imagedata fileref="../images/" format="PNG"/>
                            <phrase>Floppy Formatter Main Window</phrase>
                <para>The <application>Floppy Formatter</application> 
application is used to prepare
                    floppy disks for use. Disks can be formatted with the 
Linux file system or with
                    the Windows file system.</para>
                    <para>Formatting will permanently delete all existing data 
on the disk. Use with
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