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Wed Feb 16 22:08:50 UTC 2005

On Tue, Feb 15, 2005 at 10:36:37AM +1100, Nick Loeve wrote:

> Well i have an internet connection again! Looks llike some some 
> excellent progress is being made. Well done! I better get cracking!

Welcome back!!

> Enrico, would you be able to explain the release schedule a little bit 
> for me? What do the different freezes mean (ie hard freeze?)

Let's see:

Seed Freeze: no further modifications to the list of packages, except
   for some exceptions.

Upstream Version Freeze: no newer version of packages are accepted,
   except for some exceptions.

Feature Freeze: no new features are worked on.  Work focuses on

Preview Freeze: preparation of the preview CD: only selected fixes go
   it.  After preview CD releases, this freeze end and we go back to
   Feature Freeze.

Final Freeze: preparation for the release: only selected fixes go in.

Full Freeze: distribution releases, development moves to the new
   FunkyAnimal except for security updates.

(more info on all
the freeze names are linked to details).

I couldn't find mention of an hard freeze, though.

> What is the final date that documentation needs to be ready by?

It's been wished to try to have all the documentation ready by week 23,
that is feb 21, to give enough time to translators to chew on things.
We see what we can do.



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