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Liz bubbly1 at
Tue Feb 15 05:00:41 UTC 2005

Greetings all,

ive gone through the Documentation area and getting involved parts of 
the wiki. I know i have DocBook installed as a plugin on Abiword. Ive 
been using ubuntu since it was released and would like to help in anyway 
i can with documentation.

I have done instruction manuals for applications in windows as part of 
class projects, but never one on any open source project or one as large 
as this one. (its large to me).

i just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to the team.

btw, my name is Liz. been a member of linuxchix sydney for a year or so 
now, been running variations of linux for the last 3-4 years. Im not a 
programmer, tho i pick up stuff here and there. been on the slug mailing 
list for a couple of years. not heavily into commandline things, but do 
them if and when i have to. (hence why some good howto guides would be 
great to have around)

ok i think thats all.

thanks for listening

ps. i have no idea where to start, so please excuse me for asking 
here..and dont yell at me too much :P

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