PATCH: Listen to music common task

Gordon Ingram ggi at
Tue Nov 23 13:08:08 UTC 2004

As I posted last night, I've made a start on the 'Listen to music'
common task. Now I wake up to find I'm supposed to send a 'patch' to the
'list'?!? Sheesh. Anyway, after beating my head against my keyboard in a
fit of rage, I somehow ended up with this patch file. It seems to apply
against revision 57, by doing 'patch -p0 < chap-music.patch' in the faq
directory. It's very much a work in progress, and I hope you'll all
thoroughly review it before it gets applied. If it sucks, please do
point me to style guidelines or something.

In all seriousness, this patch submission method is probably the best
way to do things for now.

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