Plan of action for the docteam

Alexander Poslavsky alexander.poslavsky at
Sat Nov 13 21:14:33 UTC 2004

Plan of action for the docteam.

We have 3 weeks left before the conference in Barcelona. It would be good to
make a schedule of tasks we want to finish before that conference.

We should ask ourselves:
* What documentation needs to be in support eg the official Ubuntu
* How organised is the wiki?
* Should we divide parts of the documentation to different people who
are responsible?
* How can we better cooperate with the translators?

What is the current status of the documentation:

* We have a decent *amount* of documentation.
* We have documentation in several languages.
* Our documentation team cooperates well.
* We have svn now (see:, 
this can/will be used for our docbook documents.

* A small part of the documentation is translated.
* Our documentation team is small.
* It is difficult for newcomers to know what they can do.
* Not all the documentation is up-to-par.

In my opinion we should the following (please comment!)

1. The Faq has been turned into docbook, somebody should wrap it up.
2. Somebody should proofread and check the faq after 1.
3. the Howto's need to be cleaned up.
4. We need an index-pages for different parts of the wiki (we need dtml turned
on in the wiki, enrico will need to start bugging upstream for this).
5. We need good newbie-documentation, we have some like: and We need it to make clear to newcomers
*what* they can do and *how* they can do it.
6. What documents are *really* important? We need a page of these, these should
be translated.
7. Gnome-documentation, how much work is it to up-date?

These task should be assigned and with a dead-line be finished,
otherwise we will not be finished in time.

Everybody, please comment.

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