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Robert Collins robert.collins at canonical.com
Thu Feb 11 02:36:04 GMT 2010

Martin asks what a collision is.

The situation with package imports is that we have a branch B, which
both Ubuntu developers and the package importer can commit to.
Collisions are what happen when the package importer sees something
arrive in the archive which is either not in, or different to, the
branch history.

developer A:
bzr branch lp:ubuntu/foo
# add some changes, call it UNRELEASED
# hmm, I won't dput yet, I want to tweak it some more.
bzr push :parent

developer B:
apt-get source foo
# add different changes, call it N

So we get a Y shape import graph, but the archive is official, so the
package importer does a push --overwrite to 'win' on the packaging
branch, and pushes the old head to a new temporary branch, and files a
ticket in launchpad describing that this happened.

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