+1 maintenance report

Sergio Durigan Junior sergio.durigan at canonical.com
Fri Jan 26 23:31:39 UTC 2024

This week I did my +1 maintenance shift.  I was swamped with other
unrelated, high priority work so it was a bit tricky to juggle

I like to start from the bottom of update_excuses and choose some of the
more challenging FTBFSes.  schopin also pinged me about some FTBFSes
that were caused by the upcoming glibc transition, and on Friday I was
pinged by Christian who asked me to take a look at the
device-tree-compiler FTBFS.


* yotta
  - Blocked by python-mbed-ls.  See below.
  - Now unblocked.
* python-mbed-ls
  - Submitted fix upstream: https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os-tools/pull/288
  - Uploaded fix to Debian.
  - Ubuntu package has been removed
    We might want to reintroduce it now that the problem has been fixed.
  - That's been done.

* jool
  - Sync'ed package from Debian, which fixed the issue.

* zmap
  - Fixed the issue with the Debian package (which is severely outdated,
    but that's a problem for another day/person), uploaded it.  The
    fix should reach Ubuntu soon.
  - Done.
* taurus
  - Fixed the package in Debian.  Should reach Ubuntu soon.
  - Done.
* taurus-pyqtgraph
  - Fixed indirectly by taurus.
* r-bioc-savr
  - There's an RM bug against the package on Debian.  I didn't touch the
* tiledarray
  - btas builds correctly on Debian/Ubuntu now.
  - I spent a considerable amount of time playing with
    btas/blaspp/tiledarray and trying to make the latter compile.  I was
    able to pass the cmake configuration stage (after patching btas),
    but unfortunately tiledarray's build fails during the compilation
    phase.  I decided to move on.
* celery
  - Spent a long time investigating the Python 3.12 segfault that
    happens when running dh_auto_test.  I was able to obtain a usable
  - I'll file an upstream bug.
* h5py
  - Filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/h5py/+bug/2051291
  - There's an upstream bug filed against it.
* dolphin-emu
  - Found upstream patch to fix FTBFS.  Applied to the Ubuntu package
    and uploaded.
  - Fixed.
* blobwar
  - Fixed & uploaded to Ubuntu.  Upstream is dead and the Debian package
    is pretty much orphaned.
* repowerd
  - Investigated a bit.  I can build the package locally but it fails to
    build on LP due to dh_missing complaining.
* device-tree-compiler
  - Got a request to take a look at this one.
  - Found the reason for the FTBFS, but couldn't find a proper way to
    fix it.
  - Filed https://github.com/dgibson/dtc/issues/123
  - Filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/device-tree-compiler/+bug/2051399
  - I'll keep an eye during the weekend.  If there's any movement
    upstream, I'll upload a fix.  Otherwise, I'll patch the Ubuntu
    package and adjust the expected output of the failing tests.

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