Log-rotation doesn't work for catalina.out in src:tomcat9 as intended

Evren Yurtesen Evren.Yurtesen at abo.fi
Tue May 10 07:44:23 UTC 2022

Hi Robie and Utkarsh,

This issue is not isolated to tomcat9 package. For example, jetty9 package logging does not work. Rsyslog says:

May 10 10:01:58 ubuntu-wayland rsyslogd: file '/var/log/jetty9/jetty-console.log': open error: Permission denied [v8.2112.0 try https://www.rsyslog.com/e/2433 ]

The rsyslogd change could be made deliberately but maybe it can be re-evaluated. It seems to be causing many problems.

But, I have an alternative solution we can try. Some other packages seem to solve this issue by not defining who the owner of the files should be in rsyslog/logrotate config. I first tried it and it did not seem to work, but it was my mistake. It seems to work.

This of course ends up with same result, the log file is created as syslog:adm by rsyslog. The logrotate automatically seems to use the same ownership for rotated files.

Maybe Utkarsh can suggest this to Debian? and see how they react?


From: Robie Basak <robie.basak at ubuntu.com>
Sent: Monday, May 9, 2022 7:21:14 PM
To: Utkarsh Gupta
Cc: Ubuntu Devel; Ubuntu Server; Evren Yurtesen
Subject: Re: Log-rotation doesn't work for catalina.out in src:tomcat9 as intended

On Fri, May 06, 2022 at 01:20:30AM +0530, Utkarsh Gupta wrote:
> a) This is Ubuntu-specific because of the changes introduced in
> src:rsyslog over a decade ago, which basically doesn't let it run as
> root, which is where I think the problem(s) started to originate.
> However, I am kinda stumped that it took more than 13 years to get to
> this bug. :)
> b) Markus (an implicit co-maintainer of tomcat* in Debian) said that
> the approach to fix the same, whilst being Ubuntu-specific, doesn't
> make sense to him. So since I am not very well-versed with
> src:tomcat*, I am confused about what we should do here then.
> What do y'all think? I think I am convinced that if a) is true, then
> this will indeed be a delta which we'll have to maintain forever (or
> at least until we re-sync rsyslog :)). What do you think should be the
> correct path? If there's someone who has more experience with the
> package, can they take a look?

AIUI, it's a deliberate decision for Ubuntu to ship rsyslog by default
and that it is configured to not run as root as a delta against Debian.
So I expect the default position to be that we should try to maintain
that, unless there's some reason it no longer makes sense.

Therefore, I think what we need to do is fix the tomcat* packaging to
correctly work with that. Hopefully we can find a way that makes sense
regardless of whether rsyslog runs as root or not. Then this should be
acceptable to Debian too, and we wouldn't need a delta in the tomcat*
packaging. Maybe this isn't possible, but as far as I can tell, this
hasn't been ruled out. All I saw in the Debian bug was the Debian
maintainer declining one specific proposed solution. But maybe a general
solution acceptable to both configurations of rsyslog can be found? This
is where I'd look next.


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