Log-rotation doesn't work for catalina.out in src:tomcat9 as intended

Evren Yurtesen Evren.Yurtesen at abo.fi
Thu May 5 20:21:38 UTC 2022


I think that the reason of why this surfacing recently is because tomcat8 was started using an init script which chowned the catalina.out every start. However it starts using systemd now. There was at least one other bug related to this:


Although that particular bug was fixed in upstream Debian package...

Either solution that Utkarsh suggested are fine. But I would have voted for re-syncing of rsyslogd. This would solve this problem and all possible existing and future problems with any other package imported from Debian. But I guess this won't be possible for existing releases, so a delta is also needed for the time being.



From: Utkarsh Gupta <utkarsh.gupta at canonical.com>
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Subject: Log-rotation doesn't work for catalina.out in src:tomcat9 as intended


A few weeks ago, LP: #1964881/tomcat9 was opened by Evren (also CC'd
here), mentioning that Logging/Log rotation does not work for
catalina.out as expected.

Since this was in sync w/ Debian, we forwarded this there via
https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=1008668. If you
follow the thread, you'll see two observations:

a) This is Ubuntu-specific because of the changes introduced in
src:rsyslog over a decade ago, which basically doesn't let it run as
root, which is where I think the problem(s) started to originate.
However, I am kinda stumped that it took more than 13 years to get to
this bug. :)

b) Markus (an implicit co-maintainer of tomcat* in Debian) said that
the approach to fix the same, whilst being Ubuntu-specific, doesn't
make sense to him. So since I am not very well-versed with
src:tomcat*, I am confused about what we should do here then.

What do y'all think? I think I am convinced that if a) is true, then
this will indeed be a delta which we'll have to maintain forever (or
at least until we re-sync rsyslog :)). What do you think should be the
correct path? If there's someone who has more experience with the
package, can they take a look?

- u
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