OpenSSL 3.0 status report

Simon Chopin simon.chopin at
Mon Jan 24 18:41:26 UTC 2022

Hi all,

This is a quick status report regarding the OpenSSL 3.0 transition that
started back in November in the archive[0]

Thanks a lot of people, we have OpenSSL 3.0.1-0ubuntu1 in the release
pocket for jammy, and the vast majority of its reverse-dependencies are
built against it, although some of them still haven't reached the
release pocket for various reasons, e.g. other entangled transitions.

However, the work isn't finished. There remains quite a few packages in
the release pocket that still link against libssl1.1, as can be seen on
the NBS report[1]. This number should get down to 0 at release time, and
those packages should thus be a good target for people on +1 rotation,
or anyone that looks to give a hand for the upcoming release. Notably,
if you open bugs for tracking these issues (which I encourage
wholeheartedly), please use the tag `transition-openssl3-jj` to help
tracking the effort[2].

I'm available via mail or IRC (schopin, mostly during European daytime)
to help anyone having questions.



Simon Chopin
Foundations Team                               	             Ubuntu MOTU
simon.chopin at                            schopin at

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