Change unattended-upgrades from Depends to Recommends on ubuntu-server-minimal

Nathan Haines nhaines at
Thu Jan 13 02:39:35 UTC 2022

Since I don't have a clear point to reply to, I'll just delete the 
message history rather than top-post.

I would simply like to interject that, all other things equal, a new LTS 
is a fantastic time to change behavior, because it also offers a bright, 
shining opportunity to document a change in behavior.

This opportunity remains whether we're looking at a substantive change 
at 22.04 LTS or 22.10, but it's a lot easier to remember to document for 
the upcoming LTS when it is imminent.  So, when deciding the best 
practice for 22.04 LTS, be bold.

And now I leave the matter where it already was: in the hands of those 
best suited to decide.


Nathan Haines
Ubuntu -

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