Change unattended-upgrades from Depends to Recommends on ubuntu-server-minimal

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Thu Jan 13 04:24:33 UTC 2022

LXD images called "Ubuntu Server" should behave as similarly as possible 
to bare metal images called "Ubuntu Server". Unless there is a 
documented technical reason for the delta, I suspect the difference is a 
consequence of org boundaries and should be revisited.

There is definitely a need for an "Ubuntu Minimal" image which is not as 
finger-friendly as Ubuntu Server, by excluding as much as possible and 
preserving only enough to build up the system you want through APT 
dependencies. That Ubuntu Minimal offering should be available on 
clouds, and LXD, and bare metal, and as a Docker base image. We've tried 
that a few times, but lost the work through merges post-release each 
time. Now that we are growing our Foundations and Server teams and also 
building out a docker-focused team we should design and sustain the work 
needed to trim and focus package dependencies for that minimal experience.

On the unattended-upgrades front, Matthew, another way for us to help 
user control this behaviour is through the UA tool, with something like:

   ua disable automatic-updates

We have a number of developers working on UA, with the goal of making it 
a clean and consistent front-end to various aspects of system operations 
across different versions of Ubuntu, and this might be a use case worth 


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