+1 maintenance report

Lucas Kanashiro lucas.kanashiro at canonical.com
Fri May 28 20:10:10 UTC 2021


This week was my first +1 maintenance shift this cycle, and I was shadowed
by utkarsh who is not a core-dev yet. During the week I got side-tracked by
other high priority tasks but I managed to work on the following:

- Unblock curl/7.74.0-1.2ubuntu2
  + Re-triggered casper on amd64
  + Re-triggered cluster-glue on amd64 and s390x
  + Re-triggered hddemux on ppc64el
  + Re-triggered hyphy on amd64
  + Re-triggered libpff on ppc64el

- Unblock sudo/1.9.5p2-3ubuntu1
  + Re-triggered crash on amd64 and ppc64el
  + Re-triggered lava on ppc64el and arm64
  + Re-triggered livecd-rootfs on arm64

- Unblock dmidecode/3.3-2
  + Re-triggered crmsh on s390x

- Unblock salt/3002.6+dfsg1-3
  + Rebuilt the package which was FTBFS

- Unblock golang-gitlab-gitlab-org-labkit/1.3.0-4
  + Rebuilt the package which was FTBFS

- Unblock bdebstrap/0.1.1-2
  + Submitted a patch upstream, the maintainer also added some extra fixes
and now it is fixed as version 0.1.2-1
    - https://github.com/bdrung/bdebstrap/pull/1
    - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bdebstrap/+bug/1929613

- Review and sponsor phpmyadmin for utkarsh
  + Fix autopkgtest in s390x and PHP 8 incompatibilities

- Unblock golang-testify/1.6.1-2
  + Investigated golang-github-containers-common and
golang-github-containers-image failures
  + Got in touch with Rheinard who maintains those packages and did the
    - Synced golang-github-containers-common/0.35.4+ds1-1 from experimental
    - Merged golang-github-containers-storage/1.28.1+ds1-1 from experimental
    - Merged golang-github-containers-image/5.10.5-2 from experimental
    - Merged golang-github-openshift-imagebuilder/1.2.0+ds1-1 from
    - Got golang-github-google-go-intervals accepted from Debian NEW queue,
thanks to utkarsh
      + Sent a patch to Rheinard to fix the FTBFS in Impish
  + Re-triggered golang-github-containers-image on all arches (new version
merged from experimental)
  + Re-triggered golang-github-containers-common on all arches (new version
synced from experimental)

- Unblock debos/1.0.0+git20201203.e939090-4
  + There is a test introduced recently which depends on a couple of
packages available in Debian but not in Ubuntu, i.e. user-mode-linux.
  + Filed a wishlist bug in Debian to use a different fakemachine backend
in this test
    - https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=989145

- Unblock xdebug/3.0.3+2.9.8+2.8.1+2.5.5-0+deb11u1build1
  + There is a php-codecoverage regression caused by php-pcov not providing
the C extension as expected
  + Uploaded the latest version in salsa of php-pcov which has the fix and
it builds fine against PHP 8
    - This also raised a question about the dh-php version we want, there
is an ongoing discussion on ubuntu-server mailing list

- Unblock nomad/0.10.5+dfsg1-1ubuntu3
  + There is a newer release in Debian, a.k.a. 0.12.10+dfsg1-2
  + I tried to sync this version but there is an issue with the way we ship
the docker development library
  + golang-github-docker-docker-dev needs to ship libnetwork outside vendor
  + Submitted a draft PR to start a discussion with tianon about the best
way to fix this
    - https://github.com/tianon/debian-docker/pull/10
    - Even with this new version of the docker library package nomad FTBFS
(not related to docker)

What I described in golang-testify and nomad are still ongoing work. Below
you can find the notes utkarsh shared with me:

 * Give back ppc64el build for thunderbird; add update-excuse to LP:
 * Fix s390x failures for phpmyadmin; upstream + sid + Impish
 * No-change rebuild for php-async-aws-core
 * Sync from experimental: php-twig/3.3.2-1
 * Sync from experimental: php-symfony-contracts/2.4.0-1
 * Sync from experimental: php-email-validator/3.1.1-2
 * Sync from experimental: php-async-aws-sqs/1.5.0-1
 * No-change rebuild for php-async-aws-ses
 * Sync from experimental: php-async-aws-ses/1.4.0-1
 * Sync from experimental: php-async-aws-core/1.10.0-1
 * No-change rebuild for php-async-aws-sqs
 * Sync from experimental: phpunit/9.5.4-1
 * Sync from experimental: php-psr-cache/3.0.0-1
 * Sync from experimental: php-psr-container/2.0.1-1
 * No-change rebuild for php-http-interop-http-factory-tests
 * Sync from experimental: php-monolog/2.2.0-1
 * Fix php-phpseclib/2.0.30-2ubuntu1 to build with PHP 8
 * Sync from experimental: php-amqplib/3.0.0-1
 * Fix php-doctrine-cache/1.10.2-2ubuntu1 to build with PHP 8
 * Uploaded fix for php-cache-lite/1.8.3-1 to Debian experimental
 * Sync from experimental: php-cache-lite/1.8.3-1
 * Fix libphp-swiftmailer/6.2.4-1ubuntu1 to build with PHP 8
 * Fix php-wmerrors/2.0.0~git20190628.183ef7d-2ubuntu1 to build with PHP 8
 * Retry php-amqplib for all $arch with triggers to unblock from migrating
 * Retry ruby-httpclient for amd64 to unblock migration
 * Retry all 25 packages blocking php-defaults/80~exp1 with fixes in

Lucas Kanashiro.
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