PHP 8.0 transition plan

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Tue May 18 10:15:41 UTC 2021

Hey Bryce,

I noticed from the proposed-migrations team report that the libsoup2.4
tests were failing and that it needed updated depends. I tried to
rebuild it but it Build-Depends on php-xmlrpc which is still available
but depends on php8.0-xmlrpc which isn't existing

Checking salsa it seems the binary has been removed from php8.0, the
commit doesn't include any explanation of why though so I'm unsure if
that's a bug or wanted?

Any recommendatiob on what should I do for libsoup there?


Le 15/05/2021 à 05:54, Bryce Harrington a écrit :
> For items in that list that are FTBFS I've done some preliminary
> investigation and noted possible solutions.  Some of these will be
> pretty easy to fix.

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