groovy pre-open analysis | missing dists/groovy/cnf/

Julian Andres Klode julian.klode at
Sun Apr 26 12:17:34 UTC 2020

I did some work to get python-apt in with groovy added to the
distribution metadata, so we don't end up with a lot of regressions
like last cycle.

* Various packages needed retrying with new debootstrap, as they
  missed the groovy link:

  - retried piuparts with [python-apt, debootstrap] triggers  
  - retried livecd-rootfs with [python-apt, deboostrap] triggers
  - retried sbuild against ['courier/1.0.6-1build3', 'debootstrap/1.0.123ubuntu1', 'devscripts/2.20.2ubuntu3']

* Uploaded apport, switching test dependency from unavailable python-twisted-core
  to python3-twisted. Probably needs to be SRUed to focal too, as
  twisted version seems to be the same

Anyway, the reason I'm really writing this email:

* The archive does not have Commands files in dists/groovy/cnf, which
  causes command-not-found to be broken, and its autopkgtest to fail.

  The tests passed initially, so I guess they were copied over from
  focal but got deleted later on.

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