Call for testing : Driverless printing on Zesty

Bernard Tremblay tremblay.bernard at
Thu Dec 29 00:02:27 UTC 2016

I have printed all in color and same quality,  The firefox print was
landscape, the libreoffice was a standard letter from work, the atril was a
print of a black/white old review, and gimp printed a small color image of
a person.

I will try some more combinations and send you the results as soon as I can.


2016-12-28 16:03 GMT-05:00 Till Kamppeter <till.kamppeter at>:

> On 12/28/2016 06:32 PM, Bernard Tremblay wrote:
>> Here are the results from "ipptool -tv
>> ipp://BRW3C77E657AB52.local:631/ipp/print get-printer-attributes.test >
>> out.txt" in attached file
> Thank you very much. I have forwarded this file to the people of the PWG
> now.
> Your printer does not fulfill all criteria for an IPP Everywhere printer
> but enough for driverless printing with fully automatic printer setup.
> I cannot see any scanner from SimpleScan and haven't find any way to use
>> the web interface for the scanner yet.
>> I will install the scan driver from Brother and retry to scan.
> OK.
> I have started the debug mode and print 4 documents that all printed OK:
>>  1. firefox
>>  2. libreoffice writer
>>  3. atril (pdf viewer)
>>  4. gimp
>> I have my cups error_log attached too.
> Thank you very much. The jobs are, as expected, converted into the PWG
> Raster format and sent off to the printer, with the option settings as IPP
> attributes.
> Another test I want to ask you for is to change option settings, like
> turning on and off duplex, switching between grayscale and color, changing
> print quality, ... Are these changes obeyed in the printouts?
>    Till

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