Using the dummy0 interface for a local-only service to be broadcasted by Avahi

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at
Mon Dec 19 15:00:07 UTC 2016

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as most of you know I am working on the printing stack, and one part of 
it is IPP-over-USB. IPP is the Internet Printing Protocol, a 
sophisticated network protocol to access printers and multi-function 
devices in a way that one cannot only send out print jobs, but also 
monitor their status, and especially poll capability info from the 
printers. The latter allows for using printers without drivers (= 
printer-model-specific software and/or data) as long as the printer 
knows a standardized language.

To not confine IPP and so driverless printing to network printers, 
IPP-over-USB was introduced, which allows to use IPP also on 
USB-connected printers. For this I am maintaining ippusbxd:

In the beginning, I simply mirrored an IPP-over-USB printer to 
localhost:60000 (and following ports if there is more than one printer) 
so that the IPP backend of CUPS can access it like a network printer.

Then I ran into a problem: Printer setup tools like 
system-config-printer and the built-in CUPS tool http://localhost:631/ 
do not auto-discover a printer on localhost:60000 also cups-browsed, a 
daemon to auto-setup network printers does not discover such a printer. 
The auto discovery is done via Bonjour (Avahi on Linux) and ippusbxd is 
not broadcasting the printers via Avahi.

Now I added the Avahi broadcasting to ippusbxd and ran into another 
problem: Avahi does not broadcast on the loopback interface "lo". So it 
cannot broadcast a service on localhost (note that I only want to 
broadcast it on the local machine, not on the network). "lo" does not 
support multicast devices.

So I googled and posted on the Avahi mailing list and ended up with

making me try the "dummy0" device and it works for me (after adding 
functionality for selecting the interface to broadcast on to ippusbxd).

I add the interface

sudo modprobe dummy
sudo ifconfig dummy0 netmask multicast
sudo ifconfig dummy0 up multicast

and then run ippusbxd like that:

ippusbxd -v 0x03F0 -m 0xC211 -p 60000 -i dummy0

This mirrors the USB printer with VID 0x03F0 and PID 0xC211 to and broadcasts it only on my local machine via 
Bonjour/Avahi. cups-browsed picks up the broadcast and auto-creates a 
driverless print queue for this printer then.

Adding dummy0 interface to the distro

What I would like to do is to add the "dummy0" interface as a 
local-only, multicast interface to the distro, either as a default part 
like "lo" or initiated by the maintainer scripts of the ippusbxd Debian 
package (or the printing snap).


Does it cause any problems using "dummy0" for a production purpose? Is 
there any better way? Perhaps even one which would allow me to work with 

How should I implement this? Simply run above commands from maintainer 
scripts of ippusbxd? Get them run when the first IPP-over-USB printer is 
detected via UDEV? Or implementation in network-manager or so?


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