libappindicator inline pixbuf question

Marco Trevisan marco.trevisan at
Wed May 15 11:14:56 UTC 2013

Il giorno ven, 10/05/2013 alle 01.44 -0600, JT Olds ha scritto:
> However, once I've done this and added my icon to the icon theme, the
> AppIndicator menu I have in Unity does not show my custom icon. I
> assume this is because the AppIndicator dbus protocol passes the icon
> name and not the actual icon pixbuf data itself, and the indicator
> server loads the icon in its own process space, oblivious to my call
> to gtk_icon_theme_add_builtin_icon?

This seems mostly relevant to the library as unity per se (panel service
and the actual shell) support in-memory pixbuf.
So, patches for libappindicator welcome. :)

> GtkStatusIcon does provide a way to set the icon directly from an
> in-memory pixbuf. Is there any way I can get that to work with
> AppIndicator, or do I really need to bundle custom theme icons
> separately from my binary?

You can still write your pixbuf in a temporary file and pass that to
unity as indicator-multiload does, for instance.

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