Follow Up from "Let's Discuss Interim Releases"

Cesare Falco c.falco at
Fri Mar 8 08:08:55 UTC 2013

1. Move to a rolling release similar to what I proposed in the
> original straw man.
> 2. Continue to release interim releases but only support them until
> roughly the next interim release 6 months later.
> 3. Dramatically increase the rate of our releases to, say, once per month.
> I think there's another proposal worth considering IMHO, quoting Alex
Chiang's e-mail:

"Let's figure out how to decouple and disentangle our apps from
our platform."

I understand the main issue is that nearly nobody offers packages for
Ubuntu upstream, anyway the idea of splitting the distro into, say,
ubuntu-sys and ubuntu-apps with different devel cycles is both new and

My 2 cents.

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