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On 03/05/2013 11:53 AM, Pranith Kumar wrote:
> Hi,
> I am writing this regarding the issues being faced by Virtualbox
> users in 12.04.
> 12.04 was released with kernel 3.2 and then the kernel 3.5 was
> offered as a possible upgrade. Most users are currently switching
> over to 3.5
> The version Virtualbox in 12.04 was 4.12. The problem is that this 
> version no longer works with the 3.5 kernel and needs to be
> patched. Please see
> There is a patch in that bug and it is working fine for me and
> other for quite some time now.
> It has been difficult to get in touch with the maintainer to ask
> him to patch the package. More than a 100 people are affected by
> the bug. Please let me know how to proceed to fix the package at
> the earliest.
> Thanks, -- Pranith

This sounds like it would possibly be a candidate for an SRU [1].
Please take a look at the wiki for more information on the process.



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