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Matthieu Baerts matttbe at ubuntu.com
Sat Mar 2 09:21:52 UTC 2013

Hello Allison,

On Wed, 27 Feb 2013 16:54:39 -0800, Allison Randal wrote:
> - There are a lot of people I really like, who I only see at UDS. I have
> a very real sense of grief at "will I ever see so-and-so again?" It's
> certainly not Canonical's job to pay for my social life. :) But, it's
> important to me, enough to be willing to invest effort in making sure
> that doesn't happen.

I totally agree with what you said before but I just want to react about
that: It's maybe a bit stupid but I'm following a course called 'Human
Management' (ok, I was forced to follow it :) ) and it seems that these
events which are not only focused to the job itself (like Team Building
events ; so I guess like UDS too) are important for workers like what
Canonical employees (that are doing jobs in team and which have many
skills and responsibilities). It's important because it increases the
productivity for months that follow the event (maybe not that much than
other companies because I'm sure that most Canonical's employees love
what they are doing) because it's useful to improve relationship between
colleagues. I just hope that Canonical's employees and community members
will not be too "frustrated" to no longer have this nice moments
together. (But I guess people behind this decision know all of that and
it was not easy to take such decisions, I understand)

About the community, I think events like UDS are important for them too.
I was at the UDS-M (but only one day and I regret that...) and it was
really great. I met a lot of people, talk about things with Canonical's
employees, etc. After this event, I wanted to do more work for Ubuntu.
I tried to participate to other UDS online but it was really not the
same... it's almost impossible for me to write in English as fast as
people talk during the event (and as you can see my English is far to be
perfect...). It was not easy to ask all my questions and I'm quite sure
that people reacts differently if you talk to him AFK.

In conclusion, I hope that I'm wrong about that and this new virtual UDS
will be better than before :)

Have a nice day,

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