LTS point releases (12.04.1 , 12.04.2 , etc.) and semi-rolling

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LTS point releases (12.04.1 , 12.04.2 , etc.) and semi-rolling release

I totally agree with how the foundations are getting in place for a rolling model. Obstacles like the daily quality and even the fixed 6 month UDS which also was a kind of obstacle have all been addressed and updated to accommodate the new times ahead.
I believe most people will be very happy sticking to the LTS and its point/support releases (12.04.1, 2, etc.). Proof of that were all the great amount of changes and improvements introduced recently in the latest 12.04.2 in order to address important things like UEFI/secure-boot and the Steam launch.

Most people thought they would be forced to update to 12.10 for this, but were pleasantly surprised when the LTS received the attention it deserves, which most interim releases have usually taken away.

However to avoid fragmentation or too many "normal users" using the rolling development because they can't wait 2 years, I propose more attention to these LTS point/support releases.
More Unity features backported from the R.D.R. and of course as much up to date software as possible.
Anyway there are many different models for a RR:
But some of the most popular for users and devs, with more stability and precitbility over full-rolling are the semi/half-rolling, like LMDE and Chakra:
Both also release snapshots, so is easy to evaluate right now the positives, what fits with Ubuntu's new vision and what can be improved.
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