Let's Discuss Interim Releases (and a Rolling Release)

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Fri Mar 1 06:35:27 UTC 2013

William Grant <william.grant at canonical.com> wrote:

>On 01/03/13 15:55, Scott Kitterman wrote:
>> For people or teams that are largely or entirely !canonical, this
>only works 
>> if all you care about is x86 (i386/amd64).  Anything for armhf (or
>> would have to land untested since the PPAs that are available for
>> don't build these architectures.
>PPAs can build on armel/armhf nowadays, but the qemu-based builders
>still have issues with the occasional package, and the small number of
>builders means we have to place fairly strict limitations on their
>at present.
>See https://dev.launchpad.net/CommunityARMBuilds for details on the
>We have no solution for !canonical PowerPC PPA builds today.
I don't think powerpc is a significant issue.  At least for the cases I worry about the resource constraints really limit the utility of the qemu armhf PPAs.

Scott K

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