non-Unity flavours and Mir

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Tue Jun 18 09:40:34 UTC 2013

On Di, 2013-06-18 at 01:34 +0200, Matthias Klumpp wrote:
> 2013/6/18 Jono Bacon <jono at>:

> > I fully understand if you don't want to work on this problem, and I also
> > fully understand if the KWin maintainer is uninterested in solving this
> > problem and would prefer to focus on Wayland, but we are doing our best to
> > be as open and collaborative as possible here, given the original points
> > raised in Jonathan's email.
> >
> > I see this as a trade-off.
> Fair point. But you can not expect KDE or GNOME to suddenly jump on
> the Mir train. Supporting a new display server is pretty damn hard, it
> took a lot of time to
> clean up all the code to abstract X dependencies and make the switch
> to a non-X displayserver possible. But after that is done, maintaining
> a new display server backend is still not easy. 

it is funny that everyone seems to assume here that anyone expects
upstream to do the work. all that happened in this thread was an offer
for conversation with upstream to define the requirements, nothing
more ...

weather an Ubuntu community person or team or an external team (imagine
mint would want to ship with a Mir enabled KDE as an interesting
experiment or some such) might ever want to write any code is not
relevant for what was discussed in the thread. all there was, was an
offer/request for communication to have the Mir upstreams get an idea
about the requirements which could then be put on a Wiki page so
potential porters would have something to work along...

i find it a pretty poor picture that a desktop flavour team is not even
willing to answer/ask questions and invest the 15-30 min such a call
might take ... 

all i see in this thread is canonical giving offers and complete refusal
from the other side with pointers to some totally unfounded claims about
potential bugs unity might have caused in mesa in the past ... 

as a member of this community that goes into his 9th year with Ubuntu
and who who knows most of the participants in person, i must say I'm
extremely shocked and disappointed by the attitude coming from the
community people i used to admire so much and that i usually know as
pretty rational people ...

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