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Hi Olav,

On Sat, Jun 15, 2013 at 5:56 AM, Olav Vitters <olav at> wrote:

> Primary focus for GNOME will be Wayland. There are a few things that
> Wayland does not support that X did support. This will result in having
> to do things differently. See e.g. the various forms of 'deprecate' is
> mentioned on as well as
Many thanks for providing some clarity, much appreciated. :-)

Quick question: do you think the GNOME project may be interested in
exploring Mir as a display server to support. If Thomas is offering to hop
on a call or discussion with the KWin folks, I am wondering if GNOME may be

I completely understand that your focus is Wayland, but if a member of the
GNOME community is interested in exploring building Mir support, I want to
ensure we can be as supportive as possible.

Thanks again, Olav.


> Various things will be changed. Eventually GDM will use Wayland, but
> then still allow X sessions to be started. In short term, GDM won't use
> Wayland but allows Wayland sessions. See
> Due to primary focus on Wayland, the X support in GNOME shell will
> probably not be at the same level as Wayland (see links above for
> background reasoning). Secondly, GDM should always allow to start X
> sessions (start X based desktop environments).
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> Olav
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