Using the HUD DBus service under Gnome

Ted Gould ted at
Tue Feb 26 20:43:02 UTC 2013

On Sun, 2013-02-24 at 20:33 +1100, Jason Heeris wrote:

> I've been playing around with the DBus interface for Unity's HUD and
> have been able to get it to work with some success (if there's
> official documentation available somewhere, that would be nice, but
> the values that I'm getting back are pretty self-explanatory).
> Under Unity I get search results, but under Gnome 3.6 I don't get any
> for the same parameters. Is there something easy I can do so that
> applications run under Gnome have their menu contents available for
> the HUD too?

For GTK+ applications to export their menu items they need to load the
appmenu-gtk module.  That's done by the environment variable
UBUNTU_MENUPROXY which is set to  That should have the
various applications export their menus.

Things are changing though.  For instance the HUD DBus interface is
changing with HUD 2.0.  Though, there is now a libhud-client which might
make it easier for you to create an alternative client.  Also, we're
moving away from appmenu-gtk to a GTK module that exports the items as
GMenuModel items instead of as DBusmenu.  But you shouldn't see that
from the client perspective.

Good luck!

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