Minutes from Developer Membership Board Meeting 2013-01-07

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Thu Feb 14 13:12:39 UTC 2013

Sebastien Bacher <seb128 at ubuntu.com> wrote:

>Le 22/01/2013 11:01, Stefano Rivera a écrit :
>>>> > >We will be sending Bjoern an E-Mail explaining our concerns and
>>>> > >that he can address them.
>>> >When is that planned? He still didn't get those, we still have no
>>> >clue what to change,
>> As soon as we can. And I think the idea of looking for things to
>> is short-sighted. If we don't think someone is ready, it usually
>> they need to do some more good distro work, and show that they are
>> ready.
>Hey again,
>(Gentle DMB ping, 3 weeks later it seems Bjoern still didn't get that 
>explanation email, did it got lost on the way or was it still not
>On other news Benjamin reviewed/sponsored libreoffice 4 to raring, 
>thanks Benjamin!
>From the review comments/fixes, the issues were mostly small packaging 
>issues and cleanups. Benjamin listed one "blocker" issue, which was a 
>GLIBCXX symbol listed in the .symbols with a debian revision version, 
>that issue was not new in this update and is present in Debian, so it 
>can't really be blamed on Bjoern.
>Seeing that this update went fine, would the DBM be happy to reconsider
>Bjoern application in the next meeting? Or is there anything else you 
>would like to see happening?
>If extra work is still needed please let us know what Bjoern should be 
>working on/improve, so we can move forward on that application.

Can Bjoern not speak for himself? 

I think you should step back and let him speak deal with this.   I wasn't a DMB member when he applied before,  but I am now.  The fact that people (who,  by some amazing coincidence, all work for the same company) keep harassing the DMB about this makes me approach his application more skeptically.

I understand you think he should have been approved before. I think everyone understands that.  No need to keep bringing it up.

Scott K
Speaking only for himself

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