Patch pilot report 20121009

Barry Warsaw barry at
Wed Oct 10 00:10:09 UTC 2012

Here is my patch pilot report for today:

started: 49 items in the queue
ended: 43 items in the queue

LP: #1064451
Sync'd mediathekview 3.0.0-1 from Debian unstable.

LP: #1064222
Request to sync texlive-base from Debian unstable, however it seemed like a
risky sync so late in the process (just hours before final freeze), so I
milestoned this to quantal-updates and suggested it go through the SRU

LP: #1064056
Sync'd cb2bib 1.4.8-2 from Debian unstable.

LP: #1063976
Sync'd beanstalkd 1.7-1 from Debian unstable.

LP: #1064279
Patch applied and uploaded to fix libtk-img build-dependency by reverting it
back to libtiff4-dev.  The package is not yet compatible with libtiff5.
Thanks to Julian Taylor for additional testing and confirmation.

LP: #1064269
Tested contributed patch to fix user switching when lightdm is used with
gnome-shell.  Seemed to fix the problem for me, but I can't vouch for the
correctness of the patch.  As final freeze went into effect while testing
this, I uploaded it to quantal-proposed. and milestoned the bug to
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